Four New Majors


 Four New Majors


Pending final approval from our accrediting body, and beginning Fall Semester 2017, the four ICS emphases will become independent majors. You will be able to select among the four options:

  • Communication Studies
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Integrated Humanities
  • Intercultural Peace Building
The requirements for each of these majors will be slightly adjusted from the current ICS primary
emphases. The following identify the current program and the key general changes that will be made.
You will want to research the specifics of each major program and its requirements. You may consult
the new requirement sheets posted on the department web-page and with your advisor.

Here are the following options for you to consider depending on your current standing:

1. Student One: A current ICS student with advanced standing (for example, a senior who has
completed most of the ICS requirements). You may be grandfathered through the old program
and graduate with an ICS degree with primary and secondary emphases. The courses you need
to complete for the degree will still be offered with opportunities to substitute several
additional courses to fulfill the requirements. * You may also choose to do one of the new
programs instead of ICS if you can complete the degree within the four-year university policy.

2. Student Two: Current ICS student just beginning the program or with partial completion of the
requirements. You may opt to complete the ICS program, or select one of the four independent
majors. In most cases it will be to your advantage to change your major now. If you have
completed several secondary emphasis courses you may count these toward a minor in that discipline (most minors are 15 hours). We will also allow you to count ICS 150/151 as an elective to any of these minors (from the old ICS emphases) as well as the 202 language course if completed. These courses may also be applied to one of the new majors as electives where appropriate. Consequently, you will not need to back-track, and any current required ICS courses already taken will count toward your progress either in a major or minor. *

3. Student Three: Incoming new student (either a freshman or a continuing student who has not
declared the ICS major at present). You will need to enroll in one of the four new independent
majors. The old ICS major is not an option.

*Note: While several courses may be substituted to meet the new requirements, no requirements themselves maybe substituted or waived. For instance, the old ICS major requirements and new independent major requirements may not be mixed or a hybrid degree created.

New Major, Minor, and Certificate Requirements