Alexander Bischoff, from Virginia

ICS: Anthropology & Communications

I interned at Diners Professional Translation Services Limited in Hong Kong during Summer 2015. I found this internship opportunity through my friend, Janice Lam from Hong Kong, who was also a student studying at BYU-Hawaii. Her father started the translation company. Knowing that I was interested in translation and would like to learn how to start a company from scratch, Janice's father accepted my application as an intern to his company.

On my internship, I helped edit legal contracts. I learned a lot of legal terms that I never knew before, both in English and in Chinese. Also, I mostly helped the company on editing English documents. The experience helped me see how a company truly functions, such as the work process from getting a job request, meeting with clients, providing services, and delivering the finished project.

The different work culture was a challenge. Since translation and editing work are based on computer usage. All the workers were very diligent. They do not talk to each other much, and just focus on their work on the computers. It took me a while to adapt to the new working culture.

Despite the cultural challenge, it definitely helped my future career goal, as I have understood and learned the Asian working culture, and how to interact with other workers through different ways, such as giving presents. I also improved my English language skills a lot because of editing.

The company welcomes more future interns, who are native English users, and fluent in Chinese. For students who are interested in the internship, email to


Bischoff (second right) with his co-workers in the Hong Kong Office.