Shipeng Ni (Troy), from China

ICS: Peacebuilding & Communications

I am very excited to continue working in a professional work place, after my internship with American Management Association (AMA) in Shanghai, China, during Summer 2015.  I first got in contact with the Arbinger Institute through Dr. Chad Ford’s help and friends’ network. Since Arbinger and AMA are partnerships in China, Arbinger sent me to AMA for the internship.

I helped organize the surveys of the workshops that AMA held, and prepare training materials. I was able to attend one of the management training workshop from AMA as well. It was a very rare opportunity for an intern. I learned how to work well under pressure in a professional setting, and my responsibility to meet deadline of projects or paper work. I got to know some executive leaders of companies and organizations, which helped me build connections and opened doors for me to go back and work with them after graduation.
If I were to give advice to students preparing for their internships, I would say “do not treat yourself as an intern, be part of the team and staffs.” Also, make sure you go to the local LDS church as well, you will be able to get a lot of help from the members and meet new friends over there.




Ni (second right) had the opportunity to be an assistant to Dr. Terry Warner, the CEO of Arbinger (middle), while Warner was visiting China.


Ni (far right) travelled with another intern (second left).