Language Testing

If you are a returned missionary or have learned another language, you can earn up to 11 semester hours of credit by exam through the Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service. The exam fee is $50.

The exam is taken at the BYU–Hawaii Testing Center, but is graded by BYU in Provo. You must be a current BYU–Hawaii student to apply.

Options & Eligibility for available tests

1. Returned missionaries may opt for either waiver or taking the test for credit (“P” grades only).

2. Heritage language learners and/or those who have acquired language skills outside a formal academic setting* (this does not include immersion for missionaries) may either,

a. Take the FLATS exam for waiver of the GE requirements;

b. Take the FLATS exam for credit if they first enroll in a 4th-semester class or higher (either those offered as face to face at BYUH or as independent World Language credit approved by the World Languages Coordinator).  Upon successful completion of the course they may take the exam for credit. 

Authorization for Testing

1. See Dr. Yifen Beus (MFB 207) for authorization documentation.

2. Take authorization to the Testing Center.

*Native Speakers from the country/region of the target/tested language do not qualify.