Programs and Requirements

All undergraduate degree programs in the Department of International Cultural Studies and World Languages are open enrollment.  The Department offers several major emphases, minors, and certificates.  Minors and certificates are open to any major.

A major in International Cultural Studies (ICS) will provide a rigorous pre-professional degree to prepare students for graduate school in law, business and public administration, diplomacy, public relations, development, as well as academic programs. As a terminal degree the program will prepare highly desirable and competent professional consultants, business and government administration, teachers, writers in fields and professions where cultural interaction and differences are significant.

ICS Major emphases

The Department of International Cultural Studies offers four major emphases below. 
Core requirements
are required for whichever emphasis you choose:

ICS and World Language Minors

ICS minors are open to all majors.  A minor serves as a condensed cluster of study that aims to provide a broad sample of study from ICS for those who are not ICS majors.  Language Minors are a great addition to any undergraduate degree.  Minors are offered in Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish; however other language courses are available in American Sign Language and French.  Credit may be given for other languages by examination.  See World Languages for more information. 
(Hawaiian and Pacific Island language courses are offered through the Jonathan Nāpela Center)

ICS Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are open to all majors.  Certificates  are similar to minors but are more topically specialized and provide skills-based courses that will supplement any major of study.  Certificate programs will greatly increase a student's marketability, especially in the Asia-Pacific area.  Each ICS certificate corresponds with one of the major emphases, however they can be pursued by students of any emphasis or without the major.  ICS students will have an advantage for certificate programs by being able to count credits from their major. 

*The Intercultural Peacebuilding Certificate is offered through the David O. McKay Center for Intercultural Understanding.