Internship Guidelines

ICS Internship Guidelines

How do you find a suitable internship?

  1. Visit Career Services to use their resources and help from the Internship Coordinator, Taliana Pasi.
  2. Go to YCareer to search established internships on-line.
  3. Look through some possibilities and their websites that are specifically geared toward ICS students’ skills and aptitude.
  4. Explore family or personal connections for positions that suit individual students’ interest and career aspiration. 
  5. Discuss potential internship opportunities that you have in mind first with ICS Department Internship Coordinator, Professor Daniel Stout, before you begin the paperwork to get pre-approval.

How do you draft a proposal: (It should be a 1.5-2 page essay)

  1. Explain why you want to take on the internship.
  2. Give the exact beginning and end dates of the internship and how many hours you will work a day, how many days a week, etc.
  3. Describe what exactly you will do at the job (detailed tasks, routines, skills needed, etc.)—clerical, office work, grounds keeper, sales, or jobs that do not really match your major do not count toward major internship credit hours (such as Disney’s college internship program, which does not need an ICS degree to complete). You may still do the internship, but will not receive ICS 399R credits.
  4. Justify how you will incorporate your ICS studies (emphasis specific—ANTH, COMM, IPB, or WHC) into the internship
  5. Relate how it will help you land a job or boost your marketability after you graduate. 
  6. Attach an official letter of offer from the company or a confirmation email from the company or a supervisor of the unit in the company with job details (verification of #3 from the employer)
  7. Draft learning outcomes of your internship experience and turn it in with the offer letter for the department to approve.

How do you receive academic credits:  (80 work hours= 1 credit hour; to fulfill ICS graduation you need to work min. 240 hours)

  1. Submit an evaluation form by your employer about your performance. (see Nicky Lin at Career Services for instruction)
  2. Submit a self-evaluation form on-line. (see Nicky Lin for instruction)
  3. Write a 5-6 page reflection paper explaining how this internship experience benefited from what you learned (what theories went into actual practice during the internship, what observations you had on the job illustrate the materials or theories?—ICS, COMM, ANTH, IPB, and/or WHC theories in the classroom), how the internship helped you decide what your career path might be, and any other benefits you gain from this experience. This is a critical reflection paper, not a description only of what the job tasks were. This needs to be turned in within one month’s time after you return from the internship. This paper is due within one month of your return from the internship to receive a passing grade.

What are the internship deadline dates?

Summer Term - March 30
Fall Semester - August 31
Winter Semester - October 31