Yifen Beus



Yifen Beus |Professor

Research Interests:
Dr. Beus' work is situated at the crossroad of cinema & literary studies, and like that of most comparatists, her intellectual identity rests within several disciplines & national literatures. Her fields of research interest include comparative literature, theatre & film studies, postcolonial studies, cultural history, and inter-arts studies. Since coming to BYUH, she has been engaged in the following topics: modernity in visual culture, intertextuality and reflexivity in art and literature, cultural/national identity & globalization and orientalisms, covering such areas as Asia and the Francophonie.


PhD, Comparative Literature, Indiana University
MA, Theatre & Film, Brigham Young University
BA, English, National Chengchi University 


Dr. Beus' teaching reflects the interdisciplinary nature of her training that cuts across different cultures, theories, and genres. Courses she teaches include, Introduction to Film, Post-colonial Literature & Film, Women's Literature & Film, Cultures of Asia, Advanced Conversation in Chinese. She experiments with innovative methodologies & upholds a Deleuzean open-ended teaching philosophy by encouraging & often requiring students to utilize a number of creative genres & formats in research & writing. Typical student assignments range from family folk storytelling, ethnographical interview projects, critical journal entries, to video documentary, creative fiction, & research papers to allow students to explore & examine different narrative voices, forms, & levels of authorial control & authority associated with different genres.  

Contact Information: MFB 207 


  • ICS 262: Cultures of Asia
  • HUM 290/H: Introduction to Film  
  • ART/HUM 442: Philosophy of Art
  • ENGL 358R/HUM 365: Special Studies in World Cinema
  • ENGL 358R/HUM 440R: Special Studies in Humanities
  • ICS 490: Senior Seminar
  • HUM 490: Digital Humanities Portfolio
  • CHIN 311: Advanced Conversation
  • CHIN 445R Special Studies in Chinese
  • CHIN 202:Intermediate Chinese II
  • HUM 442/ART 442/ ENG 358R