What's Up ICS?

Lyndsi T. Vela (ICS-COMM), Washington

Aloha ICS family! It has been five months since I’ve graduated and left my beloved home of Laie and while I deeply miss BYU Hawaii, I look forward to my next adventure as I prepare to serve a mission in Lima, Peru. While striving to be more hopeful, charitable, loving, virtuous, patient, and humble I not only turn to prayer and scriptures but also the tools I gained from ICS.  I strive to rise to a higher level of thinking, focusing on the bigger picture from the hill top, rather than trudging along in the foggy valley bellow. I will never forget the hope for peace that I gained through the ICS curriculum. It has become a main focus to see all people in this world as the Savior would see them, and strive to serve them as He would. Studying the dynamics of conflict and peacebuilding as well as gaining an anthropological viewpoint will continue to help my on my mission, as I use the ICS skills and knowledge to further the Lord’s work.

ICS graduates from Dec. 2001

Becky Lynn Demartini (New York), Steven Powell (Arizona), Dr. McArthur, Matthew Garriott (Utah), Nathan Patching(Utah)



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