International Cultural Studies and World Languages

International Cultural Studies

The International Cultural Studies (ICS) major represents an interdisciplinary program that brings together the fields of Anthropology, CommunicationsHumanities, and Peacebuilding. In addition to stressing a variety of contemporary cultural systems and theories, the major also includes a range of historical considerations concerning cultural forms and global social forces. The major draws upon the expertise of faculty whose primary interests lie in the study of international relations in an international environment.

One of the primary goals of ICS is the fulfillment of the prophetic mission of BYU–Hawaii: To accept, adapt, and integrate cultural differences through the transcendent principles of love, faith, and peace combined with a rigorous academic curriculum that directly addresses cross-cultural understanding. As a microcosm of global diversity, BYU–Hawaii provides an exceptional environment for International Cultural Studies.

Program Outcomes

• Demonstrate working competency in cultural literacy and language.

• Manage cultural differences and develop problem solving skills.

• Think critically.

• Cultivate curiosity for life-long learning and leadership.

• Articulate and sustain views through verbal and written discourse.

• Be well prepared to enter graduate school or employment.

 *Pending final approval from accrediting body, the four new majors will be officially implemented over the summer